Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.
Gray Market Product Notification to Consumers

Dated: November 1, 2016


  1. What are Gray Market Products? Gray market products refer to genuine branded products that were intended for use and sale in a foreign market and that are subsequently imported for resale into a domestic market, without the consent of the trademark owner.  These are genuine Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. (“MAM”) and “SATOH” branded tractors (collectively, “MAM Tractors”) that were intended for other MAM markets (for example, the Japanese market) and which are now being resold into other countries without MAM’s authorization.
  2. Why is this a Problem?  Tractors that are marketed, sold and distributed by MAM and our authorized dealers are manufactured to comply with the standards and regulations of the respective geographical areas in which those tractors were intended to be sold. Because tractors that are purchased outside of the domestic market are intended for use in those geographic areas, they do not often meet the required standards and regulations of the domestic market in which they are resold.  This results in the sale of MAM Tractors that may not meet proper emission standards, use standards and even safe operation standards of the domestic market.  Gray market MAM Tractors may not include required safety features such as Rollover Protective Structures and a seatbelt, which are certified to the domestic market’s safety standards, or operator’s manuals, warning decals or safety notices in the language of the domestic market. Therefore, because of the existence of these safety related issues, the purchase and use of gray market MAM Tractors is at the sole and exclusive risk of the purchaser. 
  3. What are Other Issues that Should be Considered When Purchasing and Using Gray Market MAM Tractors? The use and sale of gray market MAM Tractors not intended for use in the domestic market will immediately void all applicable MAM warranties. Accordingly, these gray market MAM Tractors will not be eligible for technical support, warranty service or repair or any other MAM rebates and benefits. MAM does not supply, sell or make available any authorized MAM spare parts, components or accessories to be used in connection with gray market MAM Tractors. Additionally, in certain cases, unauthorized individuals and entities may attempt to retrofit gray market MAM Tractors to meet the domestic country’s standards by using non-genuine or counterfeit MAM parts and/or components. It should be noted that the use of non-genuine MAM parts and/or components with MAM Tractors can potentially damage your equipment.
  4. MAM’s Position on Gray Market Products.  It is MAM’s priority to protect the rights and safety of its customers worldwide.  MAM does not support gray market MAM Tractors in any other country and does not extend or provide for any warranty or support for gray market products.  Any unauthorized use of the MAM corporate name, trade name, trademark, service mark and/or any other intellectual property of MAM (including without limitation, the trademarks “MAM”, “Mitsubishi Tractor” and “Mitsubishi Agricultural Tractor/Machine”) is strictly prohibited. Should you have any questions regarding MAM’s gray market product policy, please contact us at: