Extraordinary power and maneuverability with low ground-contact pressure.

The ability to easily pull heavy attachments with low ground-contact pressure despite a total weight in excess of 5,000 kilograms is an advantage that has been granted only to our full crawler tractors. A tough chassis and an exceptional work balance help achieve a level of work efficiency orders of magnitude greater than other options.



Offering high-powered output, energy savings, and high efficiency all in one package.

ハイパワーコモンレールエンジン 138,8PS

Complies with the fourth Japanese protocol for gas emission controls applicable to special motor vehicles
High-powered common-rail engine

This tractor is equipped with a high-powered common-rail engine formidably capable of generating plenty of power and torque for all sorts of work demands. By adopting DOC and SCR systems, the engine complies with the fourth Japanese protocol for gas emission controls applicable to special motor vehicles for a superior level of environmental performance. Since DPF is not utilized, onerous soot-cleaning operations do not need to be undertaken.

  • Equipped with ACERT,
    an environmentally friendly engine

    Advanced technology has been incorporated to produce dramatically cleaner gas emissions, an outcome made possible by only feeding clean air to cylinders with no intake of emissions taking place and by using electronic controls to inject and combust optimal amounts of fuel under optimal conditions.
    The intake of cleaner air is also realized thanks to the adoption of a power-core type air cleaner designed to proficiently collect dust particles.

  • Abundant torque

    By endeavoring to deliver high torque at an intermediate speed, steady work can be performed. Power is demonstrated in particular when engaging in low-speed work.

  • エンジン回転数の上限を設定して負荷を抑えます。

    Setting maximum engine RPM

    The engine load can be kept in check since the engine RPM will not exceed whatever value you set it to even if you operate the engine-control lever.

    You can set the maximum RPM value on the multi-function display (range: 1,500 to 2,200 RPM).

  • エンジン回転数をA・Bメモリにセットして切り替えることができます。

    Engine RPM memory function

    You can easily set two engine RPM profiles to memory A and memory B with a one-touch operation.
    You can use different engine RPM profiles depending on the work in question to enable consistent work to be performed no matter who is in the driver’s seat.

  • オートディセル機能で安全&省エネ

    Auto-deceleration function

    This is a safety feature that causes the engine to enter a low-idling phase whenever a prescribed operation is not undertaken within a prescribed period of time. This helps to keep noise and fuel consumption levels in check.

    You can set the time value on the multi-function display.

  • 電子アクセルスイッチでエンジン回転を微調整

    Electronic accelerator switch

    An electronic accelerator switch that allows the operator to make fine-tuning adjustments to the engine RPM in increments of 50 RPM is mounted on the main gearshift lever. This switch can be quickly operated to help you easily reach your desired engine RPM.

Crawlers (continuous-track treads)

Reliable, powerful traveling performance is yours to discover.

Minimum ground clearance 425 mm

A 425-millimeter high-clearance design affords enough ground clearance. Reliable traveling performance even in wet fields is made possible through a synergistic effect with low ground-contact pressure.

最低地上高は425㎜ 力強く確かな走破性「接地圧21.1kPa」

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