Transforming our “Long Life” concept into reality.

Striving to maintain the Mitsubishi brand,
one which continues to mesmerize the entire world

Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.
Overseas Sales Department

Hirofumi Ishida(10 years with the company)

Why I joined the company

I thought I was able to make a social contribution to food which is the foundation of our daily life by working for this company. Also, I had an interest in Mitsubishi, a world-renowned brand.

Serve as a bridge to the world through agriculture

My main task is to cooperate with foreign companies and establish local agents to sell our products abroad.
I investigate target places to know things necessary for our sales and services, such as local needs and business practices, and serve as a bridge to the places. This is a large-scale job to create footholds in an empty map.It has been the greatest pleasure for me to have customers around the world, and say to me, “We can get to live a fulfilling life because of your products.”

The important thing is to listen to and understand customers

From country to country, the tastes, customs, and languages are different. Without understanding such national character, you cannot know whether your product benefits the customer or not, even if the product is very good.In target countries, I sometimes visit customers who are using Mitsubishi products, and interview them on what kind of products they need. I am always trying to perform my job by listening to customers at first, and then checking if their voices are reflected in our products.

For those who want to join our company

Our product is the fruit of wisdom arising from the employees’ unified effort based on the voices of customers. We can deliver such products to customers, which is a job with dreams. Why don’t we get together and accomplish a major goal with enthusiasm?