Company Overview

Link this beautiful moment to the future.

Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Co., Ltd. is a company that seeks to realize a richer, more harmonized human society through agriculture. The evolution of a mechanized civilization has allowed human beings to acquire an abundance of commodities. At the same time, however, new problems have emerged, including food issues, resource issues, environmental conservation, and an aging society. Finding solutions to these problems is a matter of great urgency. For these problem, we harness the product-development strengths and global-development strengths of Mahindra & Mahindra and the total technological strength of Mitsubishi group as much as possible. We would like to discover the harmony between nature, human and machines with our creativity to contribute to the creation of the prosperous new age. Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery hopes to bequeath this beautiful world to the future generations.

Company profile

Company name

Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.


February 16, 1945


CEO, President: Toru Saito
CFO, Vice-President: Manish Kumar Gupta


4,500,010,000 yen

Number of employee

1,420 employees (term ended March 2022)

Sales (Consolidated)

47.3 billion yen (term ended March 2022)

Our Business

Our main business consists of developing, selling, installing, and repairing items below:

Agricultural Machinery
Business Unit

Tractors, cultivators, power tillers, other soil-preparation machinery; rice transplanters, vegetable transplanters, and other cultivating machinery; combine harvesters, binders, harvesters, and other crop-adjustment machinery; and more

Agricultural Facilities
Business Unit

Facilities for raising seedlings, cultivating rice and flowers, cultivating mushroom beds, and carrying out low-temperature treatment; engaging in construction and engineering projects involving various types of greenhouses and other such facilities; and other types of industrial machinery

Company history

June 1914

The Satoh Shokai Co. is established and the company commences manufacturing and selling of rotary rice threshers.

February 1945

Satoh Machinery Co., Ltd., is established.

September 1959

The Sendai Plant is established in Tagajo City, Miyagi Prefecture; the company commences manufacturing tractors.

April 1971

Mitsubishi Machinery Sales Co., Ltd., is established through a merger with a sales company.

February 1980

With Satoh Machinery Co., Ltd., as the surviving corporation, undergoes a merger of equals with Mitsubishi Machinery Sales Co., Ltd., and changes its name to Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.

September 1984

Tractor production at Sendai Plant is halted and consolidated into Shimane Head Office Plant.

November 1998

ISO 9001 certification is acquired.

September 2001

ISO 14001 certification is acquired.

June 2003

An OEM contract is concluded with Mahindra USA.

February 2004

A representative office is established in The United States of America.

January 2007

The sales company is restructured into the East Japan Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Sales Company and West Japan Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Sales Company.

January 2009

A representative office is established in Thailand.

February 2009

MAM Rental Co., Ltd., is established, whereupon the agricultural machinery rental business is launched.

October 2011

The company name of Mitsubishi Agricultural Industries Co., Ltd., is changed to Ryono Factory Co., Ltd.

December 2011

The company becomes a fully-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

January 2012

Production operations are restructured into Ryono Factory Co., Ltd.

April 2014

The sales company is restructured into the Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Sales Co., Ltd.

October 2015

The company name is changed to Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.