Environmental Policy
1. Basic policy

Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., regards environmental conservation efforts as one of the most important issues to be addressed in managing the company and will accordingly endeavor to reduce the environmental burden across all aspects of its business activitie . Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. builds sustainable society by developing and providing its technologies and products which contribute to environmental conservation.

2. Action guidelines
  1. We establish Environmental Committee and clarify its roles and responsibilities in order to promote environmental conserva-tion on a company-wide basis.

  2. We precisely grasp the impacts from our business activities to the environment, make continuous improvement for environmental conservation with technological and economic feasibility, and cooperate with local community.

  3. We comply with statutes, ordinances, and agreements relating to the environment and set our own standards and carry out operations and evaluations if necessary.

  4. We reduce the environmental burden through developing, manufacturing, selling, and promote environmentally-friendly products.

  5. We endeavor to prevent pollution in business activities on this website and to reduce the environmental burden-by prioritizing the following:

    • Preventing environmental accidents
    • Promoting energy-saving initiatives
    • Controlling emissions of greenhouse gases
    • Controlling waste production and promoting reuse and recycling
  6. In order to achieve this environmental policy, we will set environmental goals and targets and promote environmental-conservation activities on company-wide basis. Environmental goals and targets will be regularly reviewed and revised where necessary.

  7. We endeavor to promote greater understanding of our environmental policy and raise awareness of environmental issues among employees on this website through environmental education, internal public-relations activities, and other measures.

  8. When engaging in overseas business activities and exporting products, we will endeavor to conserve the environment by careful consideration to their impact on the local nature and social environments and also proactively seek to provide overseas parties with technical cooperation for environmental conservation.