How big is your field?

Select a mini-cultivator of a size that is suitable for the intended size of your garden.
Having a large machine for a small field is too much, and having a small machine for a
large field is not enough. Mitsubishi’s mini-cultivator series comprises a number of
products of different sizes. You can select the right one for the size of your intended
garden to allow you to cultivate vegetables like a pro in the comfort of your own
vegetable garden.

Examples of field sizes

1 tsubo = 3.3 square meters

Fields come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Tsubo is a unit of measure
in Japan, and commonly used to indicate the area of a field.
One TSUBO is approximately equal to 3.3 square meters, you can make measurements of a field to determine its size in terms of TSUBO.

Up to 30 tsubo
(approx. 99 square meters)

For a field measuring up to 30 tsubo (approximately 99 square meters), we recommend an axle-type or lightweight-class Mitsubishi mini-cultivator that is easy to operate and that is capable of cultivating an entire field in one go.

More than 30 tsubo
(approx. 99 square meters)
and up to 100 tsubo (330 square meters)

For a larger field measuring more than 30 tsubo (99 square meters) and up to 100 tsubo (330 square meters), we recommend a rear rotary-type Mitsubishi mini-cultivator that offers plenty of horsepower to spare and that does not require much manual strength to operate. These machines allow you to work quickly and without getting too tired in the process.