Work performance


There is still plenty of space for evolution in terms of work performance.

The working performance of the GCR1380 is primarily a function of the low ground-contact pressure associated with crawler and is dramatically bolstered by an external hydraulic function. Both strength and user-friendliness combine to let operators tackle large fields.

Hydraulic function

In the diligent pursuit of work-efficiency gains.

  • Incorporating solenoids into a sequence of external hydraulic valves

    Various functions have been added by incorporating solenoids into one of three sequences of external hydraulic valves.

  • External hydraulic turn-coupling function

    A function to allow reversible plows and other attachments to be automatically inverted for use each time the unit is turned is provided. Work performance is accordingly improved without having to carry out particular steps each time you turn. You can set the activation time to be in line with the inversion time.


External hydraulic timer function

Press the external hydraulic operating switch on the driver’s seat side panel to turn on the timer function for activating the external hydraulics for a given period of time.
You can set the activation time to prevent power loss that would otherwise be caused by unnecessary activation.

  • 外部油圧タイマー機能でパワーロス防止
  • 外部油圧タイマー設定画面

Rear left-right external hydraulic operating switches

External hydraulic operating switches are mounted on the left and right rear covers. This is convenient for making fine adjustments since the operator can disembark to operate the external hydraulics.

*No timer function

  • 3 Point linkage external operating switches

    3 Point linkage operating switches are mounted on the left and right rear covers. This is convenient for removing the attachment from the tractor.

  • Lower-link draft sensing

    A lower-link sensing mechanism is provided as a standard feature to enable high-precision draft sensing.


Tilling performance

High-precision tilling performance is achieved for the function of Gyro-MAC system.

With an angular-velocity sensor (gyroscopic sensor) built into the automatic ground-leveling control mechanism, the speed of the tilting of the rotary tiller can be controlled in accordance with the speed at which the tractor is tilting. Superior ground-leveling performance can be maintained even at headland sections and other parts of a field that are highly uneven. Improved inclination sensitivity also enables the tractor to react to minute angular variations and limit the normal twisting effect that might occur during tilling operations.

ジャイロMAC搭載マーク ジャイロセンサーで均平性を保ちます。

Automatic plowing-depth control function

An in-depth control system enables superior automatic control to be exercised.
Maintain high-precision work irrespective of field conditions.


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