Operating performance


A multi-function display enables necessary information to be precisely ascertained. The panel layout can be operated in a straightforward manner. GCR models powerfully support high-efficiency work.

  • Comfortable operations

    High-efficiency work is powerfully supported with a timely display.

    LCD color monitor
    Multi-function display

    A multi-function display indicates work conditions and enables various settings to be made. A highly visible color monitor can be turned to whatever position can be seen clearly by the operator.
    Change the screen to check out necessary pieces of information and specifically ascertain work conditions and determine the measures to be taken whenever an abnormality arises.
    *No touch-panel functions.

  • 液晶カラーモニタマルチファンクションディスプレイ
  • 液晶カラーモニターは回動式
  • 液晶カラーモニターの通常画面

    (i) Normal screen

    This normal screen is displayed when the key is inserted into the ignition and turned to start the tractor.

  • 液晶カラーモニターの作業画面

    (ii) Work screen

    You can freely select four content items to be displayed.

    • Selection items
    • (i) Tractor velocity (ii) Engine RPM
    • (iii) PTO rotation (iv) Load factor
    • (v) Fuel-consumption cost (vi) Mileage
    • (vii) TRIP SUB (viii) Tractive load
    • (ix) Maximum set RPM
    • (x) Rotation memory A
    • (xi) Rotation memory B
  • 液晶カラーモニターの注意報知画面

    (iii) Caution-notification screen

    While working, warnings, operating instructions, and maintenance information are displayed in a large manner on the front of the screen.

    • Warnings
    • ●Battery check
    • ●Overheating
    • ●Water drainage from water separator
    • ●Refueling
    • ●Full tank of fuel
    • Operating instructions
    • ●Release parking brake
    • ●Lowering speed and volume
    • ●Disengage stoppage settings
    • ●Disengage lowering stoppage
    • Maintenance information
    • ●Timing of engine oil change
    • ●Engine oil volume check

Main gearshift lever, hydraulic levers,
switches: right-side centralized layout


The main gearshift lever, hydraulic levers, and switches are centrally laid out on the right side to render them easier to use. Work in a stress-free manner while verifying how functions are grouped. Combined with the use of a swivel seat, this layout makes it possible for the operator to easily switch between operations while maintaining a comfortable position.


Multi-functional main gearshift lever

Various switches have been incorporated into the HST/continuously variable main shift lever. All sorts of work can be easily performed with a single lever.

  1. ❶ Backing-up attachment-raising switch

    Turn the backing-up attachment-raising feature on or off.

  2. ❷Auxiliary gearshift switch

    Switch between High Speed ⇔Low Speed without having to engage the clutch.

  3. ❸Quick-up lever

    - Raise or lower the attachment.

    - Fine-tune the height of the attachment with the bit-up function.

  4. ❹Accelerator switch

    Adjust the engine RPM.

  5. Bit-up function

    By subtly operating the quick-up lever in an upwards or downwards direction, the attachment can be raised or lowered for as long as this lever is being operated in order to fine-tune the position of the attachment.

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