Enhanced equipment

Enhanced equipment will properly promote the working performance of your tractor.

  • チルトハンドルで乗り降りスムーズ

    Tilt steering

    Easily adjust the position of the steering wheel in line with the riding posture of the operator. The operator can smoothly get on and disembark from the tractor by positioning the steering wheel upwards at such times.

  • デラックスシートで快適

    Deluxe seat

    Adjust the seat suspension and utilize the swivel feature for a comfortable ride. Work while assuming a comfortable posture and lessen the fatigue of working for many hours at a time.

  • PTOワンタッチ操作

    Engage or disengage the PTO transmission with a one-touch operation

    PTO power can be easily turned on or off with the PTO transmission remaining engaged. This is convenient for spreading fertilizer.

  • V仕様レバー

    Dual lever specifications (V specifications)

    Flex your tractor’s muscles when performing work for which the tractor is required to be frequently moved back and forth and complex work involving external operations.


Work lights

The tractor is equipped with ten work lights in the front and rear of the vehicle and two headlights. The headlights utilize projector-type halogen bulbs for enhanced brightness perception.
You will be able to work efficiently and with peace of mind since your surroundings will be brightly illuminated when performing work at night.

  • 間欠モード付きワイパー

    Intermittent wipers

    The tractor is equipped with intermittent wipers whose speed can be adjusted according to the amount of rain falling at any given time.

  • USB・外部入力端子付きラジオユニット

    Radio unit with a USB and AUX port

    The tractor is equipped with a radio unit with a USB and AUX port.

  • 50A大容量電源を装備

    Large-capacity 50 A power supply

    This power supply facilitates the task of connecting attachments requiring large amounts of power, such as a wing harrow or ridge-coating machine, to the battery.

  • スマートフォン充電等に利用できる電源を装備

    Accessory power supply

    An accessory power supply that can be used as a power supply for recharging smartphones and carrying out other such actions is provided.

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