Maintenance performance

The condition of your tractor can be maintained thanks to its trusted durability
and maintenance performance.

GCR1380のフルオープンボンネット ロック解除用ロッドで工具なしでボンネットをオープン

Fully openable hood

The all-in-one hood can be easily opened without the use of tools.
A rod-type hood opener is provided.

  • 燃料タンクは180Lの大容量

    Large-capacity fuel tank

    A 180-L large-capacity fuel tank features a lockable fuel cap for secure storage purposes. Space is provided to put down the fuel tank for greater convenience during the fueling process. When the fuel tank is full, you will be notified by a sound and an indication on the multi-function display screen. This will help to prevent fuel spillage caused by overfilling the tank.

  • 給油缶置きスペース
  • 燃料ストップバルブ

    Fuel stoppage valve

    By closing the fuel stoppage valve, you can change the fuel filter without having to spill any fuel.

  • パワートレーン


    A high-load compatible transmission delivers plenty of power for power-hungry pulling and PTO applications.

  • 盗難防止機能搭載

    Theft-prevention system

    The tractor is equipped with a theft-prevention system designed to emit an alarm when it detects abnormal vibrations affecting the vehicle.

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