Transforming our “Long Life” concept into reality.

It brings a smile to my face when I see a repaired machinery being operated in the field

Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Sales Co., Ltd.
Nishinihon Branch, Tecnical Department,
Sanin Maintenance Center, Manager

Koji Omuro (20 years with the company)
Why I joined the company

Because my family is a farmer, I have seen agricultural machinery up close since childhood. I liked automobiles and machines, and when I was in high school, I decided to get a job in which I could touch machines. After graduation, I wished to become a mechanic, and joined the company.

Job in which I can directly see customers’ smiles

I feel fulfillment each time I see a machine in which I was involved operating smoothly on a farm or in a rice field. Also, when succeeding in repairing broken machines that troubled the owners, I can see directly the owners’ smiles and appreciation for me. Although I have experienced many times over the years, I still feel pleasure when I could repair the machine with difficulty.

Just a little care changes the condition of machinery

Just like persons, machines differ from one to another. Taking a little care such as lubricating or cleaning the filter according to the condition, even if it is not included in the regular check items, will improve the condition and durability. I would like to value relationships of trust with customers so that I can be a person who listens to customers from their point of views, converses with each of their machines and is always close to the customers.

For those who want to join the company

Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery group deals with a broad range of business from planning & designing to sales. There are various types of work for which you can take advantage of your strength, so why don’t you join us?