Transforming our “Long Life” concept into reality.

Creating each piece of machinery where none had existed before

Ryono Factory Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing Department, Assembling
Section, Supervisor

Shinji Kamishiro(25 years with the company)
Why I joined the company

I always liked to make plastic models since I was a child, so I wanted to get a similar job. that is why I entered this company.

Progress by working together with fellow workers

I assemble machines while valuing each piece of parts and assembly procedures.A machine consists of a number of parts, so it is important to understand the whole operation. The job to complete a machine from nothing gives me a great sense of achievement.

Enjoy the job and value smiles

Agricultural machines are precise and expensive. We need an instinct and a knack for assembling and an art for handling tools.Figuratively speaking, just as when assembling a luxury car, we take pride in our work and responsibility for our jobs and provide products that will satisfy customers.

For those who want to join our company

When I joined this company, I didn’t know anything about my job, but gradually I got to be able to assemble products, and eventually to instruct younger colleagues. Let’s make efforts together to become the personnel regarded as necessary by others.