Transforming our “Long Life” concept into reality.

A company derives its strength from people and should support initiatives to raise skill levels

Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.
General Affairs Department

Airi Sakamoto(2 years with the company)
Found a job in my hometown on the occasion of my marriage

I joined this company when I got married two years ago, considering this place, my hometown, as my permanent abode.
At first, I was assigned to the Management Planning Division, and then transferred to the General Affairs Division before too long, where I am now mainly in charge of recruitment and training. Securing the necessary personnel is the very important issue for the company. Training of employees is also our important agenda, so we prepare training not only for newcomers, but also for experienced employees to help improve their skills. We are trying to improve personnel’s skill through a variety of training programs including correspondence courses and English conversation classes which is necessary for globalization.

Support customers by supporting the entire company

The General Affairs Division is responsible for the company-wide business affairs, and supports the management as well as general employees so that they can do their job smoothly. Consequently, such supports will lead to providing steady service to customers, I believe. While driving my car, when I see a red tractor with a Mitsubishi mark in the fields, I feel glad and say in my mind, “Thank you always for using our product.” I am not directly involved in customers so often, but I would like to make efforts together with my colleagues to offer the best support to customers.

For those who want to join our company

Both the personnel and atmosphere in this company are very gentle. The partnership with Mahindra accelerates the globalization of the company; therefore, English conversations are heard here and there in the workplaces. I am inspired every day because I can work while seeing how the company grows and changes. I am looking forward to working with person who can look at the future and grow together with us.
Although female workers are still few in this company, I would like to create workplaces from now on where women also can play active roles.